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Frequently asked questions - and answers


Please read the Frequently asked questions and answers before contacting us with your inquiries. 


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-I can´t find any info about the youth competition?

The youth prize (Michael Gee Guitar) can be won by any young promising contestant. There is no separate youth competition. 
The guitar can be awarded in any round. 

-I can't make it for the first day, is it still possible to join the comp?

Yes, if you plan this with us early enough in advance we will try to sort the schedule out so that you can still join. pls send an inquiry to



-Is the childrens school really free?

Entry for Sumner school children is free, but accommodation arrangements are to be made by the student/parents.




-How do i buy the tickets?

Please note that the ticket system requires separate entries for schools, competitions, accommodations, and concert tickets.

(Concert tickets are included for both passive and active participants of the Aspiring Professionals Summer School and Competition.)

Be sure to add them separately to your checkout. 




- Does the "aspirant professionals" school include playing in the master classes for all the listed teachers?

That depends on how many people will sign up for the course. Most likely you will NOT get classes with all the teachers. We will however prioritize those who signed up early when making the schedule.

- Is there a program available for the evening lectures?

Soon. As per now we have only settled a lecture with August Christensen, whom will be speaking about focal dystonia and the harmony between playing and physical health.

- Which is the timetable for the first day (21th June)? will it follow the same typical daily schedule shown in the website? Which is the expected starting time?

The 21st of June there will only be the opening concert performed by Zoran Dukic. This is the day where people come in and settle down, find their rooms and accommodation and start getting to know other guitar lovers.

- Which is the timetable for the last day (26th Jul)? will it follow the same typical daily schedule shown in the website? Which is the expected finishing time?

The timetable for the 25th follows the normal schedule until the finale of the competition starts at 18:00. After the competition, there will be a big celebration. On the 26th there’s just breakfast and check out, hugs and goodbyes.


- Which are the options of transport between Bergen airport and the Åsane FHS site?

It is very easy to get from the airport in Bergen (FLESLAND / BGO) to Åsane bus terminal (the competition and concert venue is a 5 min walk from åsane bus terminal) Åsane FHS requires a short extra trip from the Åsane bus terminal.

There are direct buses (45 min, 20 euros), or cheaper connections with the city train and bus from Bergen to the bus terminal in Åsane.
(Buses from bergen leaves every 5-10 minutes, costs about 4 EUR and takes around 20 minutes) for airport bus going to Bergen and Åsane (the slower and cheaper) - for local buses, or city train (going between the airport and Bergen).

(the map starts with The airport furthest south, then Bergen, then Åsane bus station (and Åsane Kulturhus) and finally ÅFHS)

Airport // Bergen // Åsane (bus station and competition/concert venue) // ÅFHS


-Is it possible to travel by public transport to/from the airport very early in the morning (say 5am)?

Yes. It´s about one hour and 20 min and 4 EUR.

- How far away is the bus stops from the Åsane FHS site?

From the public bus stop its about 1km to walk. However, the guitar festival have its own shuttle bus every hour between 9 am and 22 pm.

-Where could I find the bus timetable for this specific (local) route?

This can be found on the bus stop for the ÅFHS is called “Hylkje”

- Are there options for local taxis?

There are taxis available, and they are very easy to get a hold on. However taxis in Norway is expansive and best to avoid if possible.


- Which is the typical ratio of people per bathroom/showers in Åsane FHS?

The rooms are located in cabins, each containing four to five rooms with a shared kitchen and bathrooms.

-Is the cleaning of bathroom/showers included?


- At the moment the single rooms in the Åsane FHS are shown as sold out. Do you expect to make any additional single rooms available? Any cancellations at the moment?


- Alternatively, if a book two beds in a double room just for me, it would any consideration on the total price considering that I will take meals for only one person?

Yes. We can fix that, but you have to contact us for that.


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